Verlagshaus24 online bookstore

Verlagshaus24 is an online bookstore based in Germany.
They approached WeemTech with a request to update their shop’s look and make it more user-friendly for their visitors.


Shop development, Customization


Online store


Shopware5, PHP7, JS, HTML5, Less, MySQL5.6




Redesign of the existing shop on the Shopware platform and customisations for each publisher page.


Custom navigation, with categories grouped by publishers, configuration of horizontal navigation and possibility to display visual promotions for each category.

Verlags features 1

The main emphasis of the new design of the shop was on the shopping worlds, that allow a better and more attractive representation of the shop’s categories and products as well as the rest of the content.

Verlags features 2

The category page was developed in a way to allow the website visitors to focus on the products. Filters are also placed in a manner to allow fast and easy filtration.

Verlags category

The challenge of the detail page development was the amount of information that had to be displayed on it, without overwhelming it with information.

Verlags detail

Each publisher is added as a category with different header design and color scheme.
Only the categories of a specific publisher are available on their pages, instead of showing all the categories of the shop.



Project planning and estimation

After discussing all the design details and clearing everything for us, Weemtech created a timeline for the development process together with Verlagshaus24.


Shopware-based solution was designed from scratch based on the shopware default theme, using the client’s design mockups.
The design offered by Verlagshaus24 was beyond the default layout of shopware theme; yet, Weemtech managed to create the frontend that is in line with the desired solution and compliant with Shopware Development Standards. Special attention was paid to the UX and product categorisation based on the publishers.


WeemTech is still supporting Verlagshaus24 in development of new functionality and feature implementation.

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