What We Do․

Grow your online business with an e-Commerce website created by industry professionals, following the latest technological trends.

We have years of experience in e-commerce engineering, which we will be happy to share with you and help you make your idea a success.

With many years and a number of web development projects successfully delivered, we are sure that we can handle a project of any size and complexity.

Our team of professionals can take care of the whole web development process: from scoping to implementation and further support.

We help organizations leverage cutting-edge data analytics and Artificial Intelligence techniques for evidence-based decision-making.

Our services cover the whole pipeline from consultancy to data collection, manipulation, analysis, reporting and decision-making.

We accompany the digital transformation of your processes and support you in the creation of innovative solutions.

Our primary goal is to tackle data problems faster and leaner to create unique solutions that enables you to realize new business models.

Intuitive user-flow and easy-to-use interfaces on any screen and resolution is what we are best at!

Let us help you create interfaces that will guide your users to the right place and help you convert, without spending too much time on the website and getting frustrated on the way.

Our workflow.


For a successful progression of a project, we always start with understanding its scope and all the nuances.


Once we know everything we need to know about the project, we put it on paper, create the project plan with timeline and do the budgeting


We take our time to do some research, customer profiling, brainstorming and discussing everything with you in the design phase to avoid too many costly iterations in the development phase


Once the mock-ups are discussed and agreed with you, we will start the development process. We break your project into sprints and communicate with you on a daily basis. You won’t even notice we are not at your office.


Our QA works hand in hand with the development, to make sure that whatever we deliver is properly tested and corresponds to the project requirements.


We are not going to walk away from you when the software is deployed. We will stay with you as long as you need us for and help you with software enhancements or changes.


Our partners about us

Weem Team - dream team

Arman Tshitoyan
Lusine Shakhoyan
Grigor Grigoryan
Armen Deroyan
Senior back-end developer
Bengur Hayrapetyan
Back-end developer
Satenik Movsesyan
Product owner
Taron Simonyan
Front-end developer
Lusine Nadoyan
Front-end developer
Andranik Kocharyan
Back-end developer
Artur Aghakaryan
Front-end developer
Inga Ivanova
UI/UX designer
Vardan Aleksanyan
Back-end developer

about us

We are your partner, technology advisor and companion in the journey to accelerate your business.
We want to share with you our knowledge, experience, time, some jokes and laughs along the way to make innovative products that will accelerate your business and make you and your customers happier and more successful.